Friday, 12 March 2021

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 Best gas oven

The question of which oven to choose - gas or electric - is usually not worth it. In urban homes, it all depends on whether they are supplied with gas. Those who have it, it is important to know how to choose the right gas oven.

It should be noted that the gas oven has its advantages: in terms of prices, it is more economical than electricity, and food is cooked faster on it. Modern gas oven also have many additional functions that are understandable. Do you really need them, or can you do without them completely?

When choosing a gas oven, you must first determine its dimensions. Floor plates with oven are manufactured in the following sizes: Width - 30 to 90 cm, depth - 50-60 cm, height - 85 cm. The last parameter can be changed slightly with the help of adjusting legs. Desktop gas oven vary in size and depend on whether they are two burners or four or three burners, whether there is an oven. In any case, you need to measure the area where the oven will fit, given that the surface of the open fire should not have vertical surfaces of cabinets, wallpaper, curtains, etc.



A stainless steel surface will require constant maintenance and the use of special detergents. Gas oven models manufactured by the largest foreign manufacturers have a glass ceramic surface, which is practical and easy to maintain. Heat resistant glass is also used, which is one of the characteristics of glass

To successfully select a good gas oven, you need to decide on the oven. In modern models, they come in three types: gas, electric and electric grill only. In addition, a gas oven can have two heating modes, but without a fan or with a fan that provides forced air circulation. And the volume of the oven can vary from 42 to 56 liters.

If you want to get rid of the need to clean tile grills frequently, choose a gas oven equipped with flat burners. Kitchen utensils can be placed directly on them. In modern gas oven, there are systems that move the pan forward when the door is opened. This creates additional convenience for the hosts. And the built-in timer will not only give a sound signal but also turn off the oven on time. A special function that allows the oven to clean itself is also very useful.

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When choosing a suitable gas oven, special attention should be paid to its safety. To do this, there is a gas control function that will turn off the gas supply when the burner catches fire. Double heat insulating glass on the oven door will help prevent possible burns when using a gas oven. And, of course, the electric ignition function is very simple.

So, which gas oven to choose from the range available in the market? Compare functionality, brand, design and value and find the best option for you.