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Roast 4 chickens in oven | ovenidea


 Roast 4 chickens in oven

Roast 4 chickens in oven | ovenidea

 Praise be to ALLAH, and His Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Messenger. In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

  May the Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon you as well! 

 Friends, today I'm preparing four "Chicken Roasts" in the oven with vegetable soup stay with me till the end  and find out how to make this recipe. 

 In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. 

Roast 4 chickens in oven | ovenidea

 Friends, today I'm preparing four chicken roasts all together in an oven for this, I have here a bowl.

 I bought this bowl separately and how this is going to help is I'll be able to prepare all these all at once. I got this steel bowl for Rs 700  and now I've placed all these whole chickens inside it.

 Now, the initial process here is going to be the same I'm taking these forks and piercing holes inside these chickens and then comes the cutting part.

 In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.  I'll only pierce the chest area because I want the chicken to marinate properly and as you know, the chest part is always the thickest.

 Now, it's time to add the slits Adding the slits now add them like so the top slits should be deep then they should get shallower towards the end so you don't end up separating the meat.

Roast 4 chickens in oven | ovenidea

  Now, I'm doing the same thing to the other chickens. Let's marinate the chickens now I'm adding 8 tablespoons of vinegar for these chickens In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. 

 Now, I'm adding 6 teaspoons of salt and then mixing both ingredients Now I'm using this brush to apply this mixture to the chickens, In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.  Do this one by one the reason why I'm using a brush is that it reaches into the cuts properly and the vinegar is distributed all over.

Roast 4 chickens in oven | ovenidea

 What using vinegar does is it gets rid of any smell in the chicken and it helps make the chicken juicy.  After brushing the vinegar onto the chicken I'm taking the remaining vinegar  and pouring it over the chickens slowly. I've used up all the salt and vinegar mixture now and now I'm covering the bowl.

 Now, I'm leaving them to marinate for 40-45 minutes.  Friends, after leaving these to marinate for 40 minutes now I'm lifting the lid.

 In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.  As you can tell, the chickens have changed colour I'm lifting them and putting them aside now.  Like so. 

( Hadith :
 Hazrat Hurairah (RA) reported that: The Holy Prophet (PBUH) once said,  "Every Prophet has one supplication that is granted to him  and every Prophet hastened to make that supplication (in this world). But I have postponed my supplication in order to intercede  for my Ummah on the Day of Resurrection." )

There's some vinegar left behind and now I'll add more things to it.  I'm adding 8 tablespoons of yoghurt 3 tablespoons of paprika powder 3 teaspoons of chilli flakes  1 tablespoon of turmeric powder 1 tablespoon of oregano and lastly, I'm adding 2 more teaspoons of salt In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

  Now, I'm mixing it all up.

 After mixing it properly, I'll add it to the chickens I'm adding a little into the cuts  rubbing the marinade thoroughly to help it seep in.  Repeat the same process on the other chickens. Now, dear reader, I'm putting these marinated chickens aside and moving on to the next preparation.

 I have here another bowl  I haven't washed the marinade off yet because I'm going to use it here I have here a few potatoes cut into cubes there's no specific amount  use as much as you think you would need we'll see in the next process I'm adding the potatoes

 now I'm adding some carrots cut into cubes as well some onions

some bell peppers and tomatoes.

 Now, I'm sprinkling some salt on top of these vegatables the salt is approximately 1 teaspoon I'm adding some red chilli powder as well it's approximately half a teaspoon  now I'm mixing it all up with marinade on my hands.

 I'm not going to waste anything. in sha ALLAH.  After properly mixing,  I'm putting these aside and bringing the chickens back into the frame.  Now I'm stuffing the vegetables into the chickens The good thing about cooking all these chickens at once is  we'll have enough for gatherings and cooking them one by one can be a bit tedious as well.

  Usually, there aren't any proper containers for this process but this container that I brought will help us cook these all at once After stuffing the vegetables properly inside the chickens take the rest and place them in between.  The sides as well.

 Now I'm pouring in approximately half a cup of water no more than that.

  Now I'm adding some foil on top  I'm using this because it's not going to touch the chicken covering the edges properly so that the steam that's going to form doesn't escape. I'm adding another layer across the bowl  again, not to let the steam escape.  Do it like so.  Now after applying the foil, I'm putting this in the oven.

 I've preheated my oven to 220 degrees (Celsius) As you can see, I've placed a rack at the bottom  and I'm placing the bowl on that now I'm closing the oven.  I'm leaving this to cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

 It's time to open the oven now I'm turning the burner off let me pull this out.  Let's remove the foil ma sha ALLAH.  Looks good!

 The aroma is splendid.  Now, surely, the chickens are properly cooked now as you can tell, there's a lot of water left behind and it can be turned into soup. 

 .  I'm checking the chicken now since it's really hot, I have a bit of foil and some butter paper on top, In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

 Ma sha ALLAH.  The chicken is properly cooked, and very hot I'm taking a piece It tastes splendid now I'm removing the chickens.

 .  Friends, as you can tell, the chicken has turned a beautiful colour but if you want to roast it a bit more place it under the top burner to roast it more, so that it develops a crust.  it's well enough, in my opinion and I don't think I need to roast it any further but you can do it if you'd like.

  Now, let me show you what it looks like, In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.  Ma sha ALLAH, it looks fantastic.  I'm removing this bit as well to show you the inside ma sha ALLAH. It's also a nice colour.  I'm tasting it now In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

 Tastes fantastic the salt has properly seeped in let me try dipping it into the soup. It tastes even better this way if you want to prepare this for a gathering you can use this method to prepare more than one roast.

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