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how to cook pizza rolls in air fryer


 how to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

how to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

In this article we will learn about how to cook pizza rolls in air rolls a very tasty meal.We can easily make it at home.So let's start making.

First of all we are going to make a dough for pizza rolls , let’s get started on our dough. So to start out making our bread dough for the purpose of cook pizza rolls in air fryer, I’m gonna use my stand mixer, if you want to do it by hand, that’s totally fine, you’re just gonna need a lot of elbow grease. Into my stand mixer I’m gonna add in myflour, then next I’m going to add in my dried yeast, now you can use any kind of dried yeast that you have, and then I’m also gonna add in some salt, you have to have salt inbread baking to bring out all of those lovely flavors.

 Then I’m just gonna go in with my spatulaand stir these all together. Okay, lovely. Now for our wet ingredients. Here I have a jug of milk, now what I’m going to do is add in some cubed butter into this. And then I’m going to pop him into the microwaveand heat him until the butter melts and the milk is roughly blood temperature. 

Okay so my butter is melted and my milk isa little bit warm, so this is the perfect temperature to go into our dough. So all I'm going to do is turn on my machine,to a low speed, then pour in my liquid.

 So I get this question all the time and it’sa really good one, people tell me that maybe their dough is too wet or too dry, so thething about it is everyone’s dough is going to be different because everyone uses different flour, different moisture, all sorts of stuff like that. So here’s the deal, don’t add in all theliquid that I say, add in the majority of it, and then add it in, bit by bit.

 So there you go, I just proved my own point,the dough is coming together, it’s wiping the bottom of the bowl clean, but I have atiny bit of milk left. So just easy does it.

 So now I’m gonna turn the machine back onto medium speed, and I'm gonna let this knead the dough for roughly 6-8 minutes. So as always, you know the recipe for thiscan be found on along with all of my other recipes. Okay, great, so it has been roughly 7 minutes,my dough is done, I can also tell when my dough is done because if you grab the dough,it comes out in one ball, and as you can see you’ve got a clean bowl.

 Clean bowl means a good dough. So now what I'm gonna do is take some flavorlessoil, or olive oil, and then just spread it in the bowl and then just move your dougharound so it gets coated in the olive oil, perfect. So here I have some cling wrap, and I'm justgonna go ahead and lay that over the top of my dough, and then imp gonna put over a niceclean tea towel. Now the reason that I do this is because yeastis a living thing, it likes to be warm and happy and fuzzy so it can grow and be beautiful.

 So you want to keep it nice and snug in there. Now imp gonna set this aside at room temperaturefor roughly an hour and a half to two hours, or until it doubles in size. Okay so it’s nice and warm in my kitchenhere in Los Angeles, it’s been two hours, and just look at how big my dough has gotten.

 How beautiful is that? This is why. I love bread making, it’s a slow process,you have to be patient, but. It’s worth it all in the end. So you can see it’s nice and bubbly, this is looking great, so now imp just gonna turn him out onto my floured surface, lovely, then i am going to take my rolling pin and. roll him roughly to around 24” by 12”.

 If you feel like your dough is sticking atall, take a little bit more flour, turn him over, and then just toss it on your surface. Don’t be afraid about using too much flour. Lovely. This is gonna make a big pepperoni pizza roll. If you feel like your dough is pulling backa little bit, let it rest, walk away for 10-15 minutes, then come back and roll it out again. This is looking fantastic.

 Okay, now for the first layer, this is mysecret ingredient. I have some pureed garlic here, and I liketo spread that all over the surface, because I love really garlicky things. So you’re gonna go everywhere. It’s up to you, you don’t like garlicso much, you can leave it out. I’m gonna put on loads. Whether Kevin likes it or not.

 Okay. So now the next layer is our sauce. You can use homemade or store-bought. I do have a recipe on,it’s really easy, you make it all up in a blender, in 5 minutes. Simple. So I have that, and imp just gonna smear thisall over the surface of my dough. Now a rule of thumb here, when doing somethinglike this, leave a gap around an inch around the perimeter, you. Don’t want to bring your sauce all the wayto the edge. Just bring it roughly to the edge.

 So now the next layer is one of my favorites,it’s mozzarella cheese. So I have some shredded mozzarella here, andimp just going to very generously scatter it all over the top. I love cheese. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy. I love to add some dried herbs onto the topof mine, you can also add fresh basil, whatever you like. Scatter a few on top of there, I find thatthis is the quintessential pizza shop tasting pizza, that’s why I like to add them ontop.

 Now because these are pepperoni rolls, Ihave here some chopped up pepperoni, and imp just gonna scatter that all over the top too. Now if you don’t like pepperoni, leave itout, you can add in a different vegetable, whatever you like on your pizza, maybe evenlike pineapple and ham, that’d be lovely. Okay lovely, so this is looking pretty good,it’s a behemoth of a pizza roll, so now all imp going to do is taking the long end,imp going to very carefully, roll up my dough.

 Just go all along, just doing the exact same,like a cinnamon roll. Go ahead and roll him up. Perfect, and make sure he’s nice and tight. Gorgeous. Now take your time doing this, you can goslow. Okay, and there is our giant pepperoni sausage. So now we’re gonna cut it up into pieces,and what we’re going to do is cut these pieces to roughly around 2.5-3”. I did 3” because I like them nice and big.

 So just go ahead and carefully carve up yourpieces. Now this recipe will make around 9 pepperonipizza rolls, you wanna make more, cut them a little bit smaller. Look at that, you see when you turn them overthey look like real pizzas. Okie dokie, now imp gonna take these guysand imp gonna lay them onto my tray lined with parchment paper.

 And i am gonna leave a little of space in between all of them, a few inches, because once they proof, they’re gonna spread out. So you want to make sure they don’t sticktogether. Now, our next step is that these guys needto proof again, they need to rise up, they need to grow up a little bit, so imp gonnalay over some cling wrap over the pizza rolls, now we’re gonna leave these guys at roomtemperature to rise for roughly around 45 minutes to an hour, and then they’re readyto be baked off.

 Okay so it’s been 45 minutes, and look atthose little rolls, you can tell they’ve kind puffed up a little bit, they’ve gottenbigger, this is the perfect stage we want them at. now imp simply just gonna brush the rollswith a little bit of egg wash, to make them golden brown, and then pop them into the oven.

 Bake your rolls off at 375 degrees Fahrenheitor 190 degrees Celsius for roughly 35-40 minutes or until golden brown. Check it out! Our pizza rolls are out of the oven and theylook insane. Do you see how big they got, they’re allstanding by themselves, they’re like their own individual pizza. You can see they’re lovely golden brownon top, the cheese is all melted, now if you guys could smell my kitchen right now, you’dbe as excited as I am. now all the work that went into these pizzarolls is on the inside, so imp gonna carve open one to show you what it looks like.

 Look at that, tomato sauce, the melty cheese,I can smell the garlic, oh my gosh. These are heaven in a bun. This is a really fun recipe for a party, oreven a sleepover. And you can even take it with you in yourlunchbox to school. You see, sometimes I taste some of the recipesand I know straightaway, imp in trouble, because this is absolutely delicious.