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ooni pro pizza oven


 Ooni pro pizza oven


In this article we will talk about the ooni pro pizza oven. This is a great and incredibly versatile pizza oven. Wood fires can also be use in the oven and you can also use charcoal or gas whichever fuel you choose.

 Ooni Pro gives you the beautiful roaring flame and temperatures you need for a perfect pizza, along with bread, meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

 There are a lot of features to address and time is running out, so let's go. First of all, Ooni Pro is fast and ready to cook in just 20 minutes.

 It reaches a super hot temperature of 932 degrees Fahrenheit or 500 degrees Celsius which is twice the maximum temperature of a conventional kitchen oven and hot enough to baking a 16 inch's pizza in only 60 seconds.

 The oven has a thick layer of insulation around the body and these beautiful stone baking trays hold the heat incredibly. I've been cooking continuously in Ooni Pro for over eight hours and the last pizza is as good as the first.

 If you want to cook dishes other than pizza, you can use our cast iron pans to grill or simmer large portions of meat, baked vegetables or even fresh bread.

 Once you have your Ooni Pro you will realize how many options there are and that it will taste great when cooked at such high temperatures. The included Essentials guide includes delicious pizza recipes and more. Making your own dough is easy with our classic dough recipe and if you prefer, you can always use ready-made dough when cooking with Ooni Pro oven.

 The bottom line is that if you are a huge fan of pizza and have made pizza in your oven kitchen, you really should try a pizza baked over super high heat on a stone floor. Ooni Pro has a wide opening and a large stone surface on the inside, making it ideal for cooking larger dishes.

 It is also suitable for cookware of different shapes and sizes or even two items at the same time. You can easily place two Ooni cast iron pans next to each other with plenty of space to spare. When you open your Ooni Pro box, you will find the custom bricks and their heat resistant leather gloves in the oven.

 You also have the choice of two doors included in the box. The pizza door has a smart letterbox design so you can easily add and remove your pizza. The thermometer door has a glass panel so you can watch your pizza cook and the thermometer gives you the room temperature. This standard includes a one-year warranty and you have the option to add two years for free when you register your product on Ooni dot com

 Now let's take a look at some of the little details that make the Ooni Pro so good at what it does, and see how the Ooni Pro can reach such high temperatures so quickly. As you can see the body is made of high quality brushed stainless steel with wooden handles.

 There is an insulating layer in the body that retains heat for even cooking. Here we have the high quality cordierite stone baking trays that fit the bottom of the oven.

 These retain a lot of heat and give the pizzas that authentic stone-baked crust. The stones are very durable and can withstand the high temperatures in the oven. The fireplace draws flames and heat through the oven. It also has a quick release clip making it easy to pack.

  Ooni Pro has two vents that add to its versatility: the chimney opening and the roof opening on the inside. For maximum extraction and maximum temperatures we like to keep both open and this is a standard position for baking pizza because you want the burning flame to go through the oven.

 If you want to quickly regulate the temperature, you simply close the ventilation opening of the fireplace. If you are a retoucher like me you can play with the vents according to your needs.

 One option is to configure your oven with the sealed vent closed. This allows heat and smoke from the smoke to rise up the front of the furnace before exiting the side channels and up through the open chimney.

 This is a really smart function that allows you to cook at lower and lower temperatures. People often ask the best way to clean their Ooni Pro, and this is one of my favorite questions to answer why you don't! Ooni Pro is easy to maintain thanks to the high temperatures it can reach.

 It's self-cleaning, so you'll have to worry less about cleaning and spend more time nailing those perfect pizzas. If you want, you can clean the inside with a paper towel and a little stainless steel cleaner on the outer casing.

 Ooni Pro is fully transportable and weighs 48.5 pounds or 22 kg, which means you can easily store it or take it with you. When I think about my Ooni Pro on the go, I like to remove stones, which makes it really easy to carry.

 When mounting your Ooni Pro, wooden picnic tables or tables with stone, marble or stainless steel tops are the best surfaces on which to place it. You can treat it like a barbecue.

 After installing the Ooni Pro is lighting, add some charcoal or wood or a combination of both to the fuel tray in the back.

 You can run the Ooni Pro through a range of temperatures, from low to slow, to the very high heat required for pizza, all thanks to fuel management.

 When you order an Ooni Pro, you help plant trees thanks to Ooni's partnership with Eden Projects and 1% For The Planet. If you have any questions about ooni pro, we would love to hear from you and discuss anything related to pizza.feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page.

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