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ooni pizza oven


 ooni pizza oven

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Hi, my name is Natalie, I'm here to tell you about Ooni Koda, our outdoor gas portable pizza oven. Ooni Koda is designed to provide maximum speed, comfort and ease of use. Although it is very simple to use, it has all the features you need to make great pizzas in just 60 seconds.

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 When you eat pizza at your favorite restaurant, it will have a certain look and taste that cannot be replicated in a normal kitchen oven. This is because the most important factor in baking a really good pizza is using a very hot oven with a stone floor.

 Ooni Koda has all that plus the convenience of gas flame cooking so you can take your pizza set with you to any outdoor party. Ooni Koda connects to a propane tank in the same way as a barbecue and comes with the hose and regulator in the box.

 There is also a holder for matches. Ooni Koda is ready to use and takes a few seconds to set up. Inside the box you will find the pizza oven, a stone baking tray, a gas regulator and a hose.

 You will receive a printed copy of the Basic Guide with delicious real pizza recipes and more. To install Ooni Koda, simply open the legs, insert the stone griddle, connect it to a gas tank and you're done. To ignite, press the control knob and slowly turn it counterclockwise until you hear a click and the flames ignite.

 Hold for 5 seconds and then turn the knob to control the flames. It's that simple. Ooni Koda reaches 930 degrees Fahrenheit or 500 degrees Celsius — twice the maximum temperature of a conventional oven, hot enough to bake a 13-inch pizza in just 60 seconds.

 One of my favorite things about Ooni Koda is its speed. It only takes 15 minutes to preheat to pizza baking temperatures. During the preheating time, the flames roll over the roof of the oven and heat the stone baking tray.

 The stone retains heat excellently and helps the pizza base bake perfectly by removing excess moisture from the crust. When you're done, throw your pizza on the stone; you can see your ingredients bubbling under the flames while cooking. You can turn on the heat to bake a pizza in just 60 seconds, and you can also turn it down to grill meat, fish and vegetables. Basically anything that fits in Ooni Koda will cook incredibly well.

 Installation is quick and easy, as is cleaning. Cooking on gas means you don't have to worry about cooking leftovers burning from the heat in the oven. Making your own dough is easy with our classic dough recipe or you can also use store dough.

 Ooni Koda is backed by a standard one-year warranty that you can extend for one year for free by registering online. So why does Ooni Koda work so well? We start by looking at the furnace body itself, which is made from a cold-rolled, powder-coated carbon steel shell.

 On the inside is a thick layer of insulation that helps to retain heat. While the outer shell is weatherproof, you can also order the Ooni Koda Carrying Case to protect your oven from the elements. There is a patented flame guard that carries flames that roll through the food as it cooks, creating a uniform temperature on the stone for a well-baked pizza base.

 The high-quality cordierite baking tray retains a lot of heat and gives pizzas that authentic stone-baked base. It is also completely removable. The best surfaces to place Ooni Koda are picnic tables made of wood, stone, marble or stainless steel. As you can see, the Ooni Koda has non-slip feet that protect the surface you place it on and the feet fold up easily so you can take it with you to a pizza party on the go or on the go. decently.

 When you order an Ooni Koda, you also help plant trees through Ooni's partnership with Eden Projects and 1% For The Planet.

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