Oven vs. Air Fryer APPETIZERS – Wings, Mushrooms & Crab Rangoon

 Oven vs. Air Fryer APPETIZERS – Wings, Mushrooms & Crab Rangoon

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Oven vs. Air Fryer APPETIZERS – Wings, Mushrooms & Crab Rangoon!

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Hey munchies, welcome

 I shared an air fryer meatloaf recipe video but I actually did a comparison of a meatloaf in the airfryer and in the oven. And you guys said, please do more. So I thought today I would do a sort of showdown of appetizerrecipes, trying them both out in the air fryer and the oven, and then comparing.

 So what to start with how about some garlic parmesan wings, what a fun finger food. I love wings and these areabout as easy as it gets. Whether you are doing thesein the air fryer or oven, the process to prepare is the same. I like to pat the wingsdry first with paper towels and that's really going tohelp them crisp up when baking. Then toss them with garlicpowder and salt and pep.

 Arrange them on a tray for the oven or in the air fryer. And the bake time and temperature are different but the process is the same. I'm going to put all of the specifics for these recipes linked below in the description, do not worry. But both of these have to roast now until crispy. Now it is true, the air fryer takes less time with every recipe and here it takes about 15 minutes less, but you can do less wings at a time, so that means more batches and actually ends up meaning more time for the air fryer.

 While those are crispingup, I melt some butter and for the air fryer wings, I actually recommendturning the temperature up for the last five minutesto really get them crisp. Once all the wings are outof the oven and or air fryer they get tossed in meltedbutter and then mix together some Parmesan, garlic and parsley and that gets sprinkled onthe wings to coat completely.

Okay, so what are the showdownresults for these wings? This was tough becausethere were pros and cons to each method, but both wereactually really, really good. The air fryer wingsdid get a lot crispier. It's a smaller oven withmore concentrated airflow, so that makes sense. That being said, it also makes sense that the oven wings endedup juicier in texture even though they werea little bit less crisp although don't get me wrong,they were still crispy.

 Our filming crew was dividedhalf and half on this. The air fryer wing seemed toabsorb the butter flavor more and they did have that crispier texture but the oven wings were really,really moist and tender. We were torn. Which would you choose? Honestly, I would probably pick the oven even though both were delicious.

 If I'm going to make a lot of wings I don't want to do multiple batches. That's the biggest downside of the air fryer for me. Let's do stuffed mushrooms next. Now this is my favorite stuffed mushroom recipe. I've made it many, many times for the holidays and get to gethers, at least pre COVID and they were always the hit, everybody loves them.

 So the preparation first calls for cooking butter in a skillet with shallot and garlic for a few minutes until fragrant and then we can add in some Italian sausage to cook up for the filling ofthese stuffed mushrooms. Once that is cooked and brown,you can transfer that meat mixture into a bowl and then add in some softened cream cheese,chopped pitted dates.

 I always use Sunsweet dates. This video is not sponsored,but you guys know they are one of my favorite, as well as Parmesan cheese, almond flour and parsley. Prepare your mushroom caps, I just cut out the stems andthen wiped down the mushrooms and then spoon that mixture into those caps.

 Whether they're going into the oven or air fryer, I do recommend a little extra Parmesan cheese on top. Again, the air fryer will take less time, less than half of the time here really, but you can only cook so many, which means more rounds. If you're cooking for a group, probably the oven is the way to go here. But if it's just for youand another, one batch maybe enough, you know best,something to keep in mind. Flavor-wise, what's the showdown say? So again, our team wasactually torn down the middle.

 The air fryer mushroom shad a crispier filling and the mushrooms were more dried out and a little bit less moist. Now, some people prefer this,especially if you're more about the stuffed mushroom filling than the mushroom itself. But some of us, myself included,preferred the oven version because I thought you could actually taste the mushroom a little bit more.

 It was a little bit more moist and the filling also cooked longer so it ended up tasting more caramelized from those sweet datesinfusing over the cooking time. Again though, if I am making this recipe I am not doing batches, oven for me. Okay, I saved my favorite recipefor the end, crab rangoons. Oh yeah. Crab rangoons are typically deep fried.

 So I was excited to trythese out in the air fryer, but really quickly first, just your friendly reminder to subscribe, hit the bell for more weekly recipe and healthy inspirationvideos, I do appreciate it. So these rangoons areeasier than you might think. It starts with the two mainingredients you'd expect, cream cheese, softened recommended, and flaked crab meat.

 Now honestly you can really use any crab, it could be canned, wild caught, lump claw, imitation, it's getting mixed in with cream cheese goodness and it's getting fried, it's going to be tasty no matter what, so don't stress about the kind of crab. Also going in there are gree nonions, garlic, soy sauce and worcester shire, brown sauce or you could skip and sub additional soy sauce. So that yummy mixture gets added to the center of a wonton wrap.

 I like to use a small cookie scoop. And this process is pretty fun. You want to use waterwith either your finger or a brush to just moisten the edges of the wonton and then bringthe opposite corners together in the middle of thewonton, pinch it closed and then repeat with the othertwo corners to form a sort of four pointed package shape. Now you don't want to overstuff these. Don't worry about thembeing perfect though, just try to get them completely sealed.

 Also make sure that youkeep the extra wantons and the ones that you'vealready filled covered with either a plastic wrap or a damp towel so that they don't dry out. For the oven, I makethem all get them all, get them onto a baking sheet and this is optional but I do recommend brushingwith a little bit of butter.

 It's going to help thembrown up and you know butter never makes anything taste worse. And then that whole traycan go into the oven the air fryer though can only hold a few at a time. So again, this batches situation. You may want to make six toeight, get them in the air fryer and then keep making themwhile they're cooking. They also do take much less time, only six to eight minutes in the air fryer per batch.

 Okay, flavor-wise thisshowdown had a clear difference and you can just tell by looking at them but the taste is just asobvious, air fryer for the win. The oven baked rangoons were tasty, don't get me wrong, butthe wonton isn't as crispy and it's almost a little soft and doughy, even if you bake it for quite a long time and brushing it with butter.

 The air fryer though, this oneactually tastes deep fried. It's like it's from a restaurant. Some of that is the brushed butter but the concentrated airflowalso just gets the moisture out of the wanton, leaving anice and satisfying crunch. This is one recipe where eventhough you can only cook a few at a time, the flavor was worth it for me. And when I cook these again,I will use the air fryer. So I hope you enjoyedthis show down video.

 Let me know which team you're on, air fryer or oven. And what did you thinkof this kind of episode? Do you want to see more videos like this? If you have any recipe themes or ideas that you'd like tosee compared. let me know and let me know in the comments which of these appetizers is calling to you. If you try them out, tag me on social. I will be back next weekwith a brand new episode. I appreciate you being here. I hope you have an amazing week and remember it's all amatter of mind over munch.

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