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 Dutch oven

Dutch oven

The best Dutch Ovens of 2021

Long before the advent of multicookers, Dutch cast iron ovens were the original multitasking kitchen. These heavy, bombproof pots date back to Colonial America, when their designs often featured short legs to rest on the floor of a fireplace, and a rimmed lid to hold hot coals. Later, the 1925 design by the French company Le Creuset ditched the legs, added a domed lid, and changed the Dutch oven forever by coating it with enamel. The enamel protects the pig iron from oxidation, requires no seasoning and gives the pot a slightly non-stick coating.

A Dutch Oven owes much of its versatility to the excellent heat retention of cast iron, but the shape of the pan - short and wide enough to brown meat, but deep enough for moist dishes such as stews and casseroles. - let you cook. a variety of foods, especially dishes that require meat and vegetables to brown first, followed by a simmering phase in cooking liquid. On weekdays, use one of these stews for soups, sauces, stews, and rice dishes, or perhaps to flavor fried chicken. Time permitting, you can use the same pan for perfectly crisp bread or tender braised meats. A Dutch Oven is one of the most reliable cookware in your kitchen; well maintained, it should also last a lifetime.

But that tool life could cost you hundreds. Our question was: should he? To find out, we tested 12 Dutch enamel cast iron ovens with capacities ranging from five to six gallons (the size we think is best for most households), ranging from $45 to $330. Our goal: one find a couple. that work well, are durable and are comfortable to lift and carry.

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