Korea creates world's first 'brainwaves' established healthcare technology

 Korea creates world's first 'brainwaves' established healthcare technology

Brain waves technology

After 3 years of research and development, Hyundai Mobiles, established in South Korea, has finally fulfilled in developing M.Brain, a new healthcare technology based on brainwave proportion.

This achievement is accepting great attention for applying this brainwave measurement technology to the automotive industry for the first time. Among other biological signals, brainwave measurement is known to be one of the greatly advanced and challenged technologies to function with.

M.Brain measures the driver's condition on a real-time basis by discovering the brainwaves around the ears through earpiece's sensors that are worn. The key is the software technology that validates and defines the data from the brainwaves. Hyundai Mobis is perpetrated to R&D and has even adopted machine learning system to interpret the brainwave signals.

M.Brain can also be interworked with a smartphone app and provide warning that the driver is missing attention. The accident prevention technology also provides alerts for several sensory organs, such as sight (LEDs around the driver's seat), touching (vibrating seat), hearing (headrest speaker's), etc.

Hyundai Mobis schedules to apply several bio-healthcare technologies to public transportation to provide to public safety. M. Brain will test- apply in Gyeonggi-do's public buses first.

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