Windows 11 would be available in October, recommends leaked Intel documents

Windows 11 would be available in October, recommends leaked Intel documents

Windows 11

Microsoft’s next operating system new update for PCs, Windows 11 is launched back on June 24, but this is currently only accessible as an early access version to Windows Insiders. The company has so far not demonstrated a launch date when formal users would be prepared to get Windows 11. However, new release notes from Intel suggests we may observe the rollout happen in October of this year.

As per an announcement by Windows Latest, the release notes of the DCH GPU driver, surely referred to Windows 11 as the ‘October 2021 Update – version of 21H2’. Windows builds are labelled ‘YYMM’, where YY indicates the year in 2 digit format and MM indicates the month of the common expected release.

Microsoft program manager Brandon LeBlanc had also prematurely confirmed that the Windows 11 builds will begin again using the ‘yymm’ format just like Windows 10. The new hint, hence, increases the widely believed rollout in October this year.

October is also a month when Microsoft hopes to release the Windows 10 version 21H2 with excellence improvements.

Windows 11: What’s new?

Windows 11 new features is a new user interface that transforms a lot of elements from Windows 10. The new UI features of the biggest modification since Windows 8, including a new Windows Store, a new centre aligned Taskbar and refinements to performance.

The Live Tiles that have been around in some form since Windows 8 are now taken off. Instead, we have a grid of icons that can be transferred and pinned to the new Start Menu.

There are also have rounded corners, along with widgets that include elements like your calendar, weather, and sports leaderboard. An improved System Tray with a new split Notifications and Quick Actions UI has also been implemented carried out. Microsoft has also told that Windows Update will be quicker and more efficient with updates that are 40% smaller and will install in the background.

As you may have heard, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview in India today. The Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available for download for free on October 17th and it will include things like a new Start Menu. If you are interested in trying out Windows 10, this is the release that you should definitely check out.Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for download for free in India today. The Windows 10 Technical Preview will allow you to try out Windows 10, which is Microsoft's big update to the Windows operating system.

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